Exhibited as part of Non Fare Un Tavolo during the Milan Furniture Fair 2022, Pietre is a collaborative project with designer and maker Francesco Feltrin.
The designers were given a piece of marble, an old football, a leather belt and a wooden frame to make something to bring people together, we decided to create a game. We were inspired by Herodotus’ story of the Lydians, a group living in what is now modern day turkey.
The Lydians lived through difficult times of questionable leadership and famine. They invented games with dice and knucklebones as a resource against the famine, and thus they used to do:—on one of the days they would play games all the time in order that they might not feel the want of food, and on the next they ceased from their games and had food: and thus they went on for eighteen years.
The game of Pietre is created with the intention of passing the time with friends in a warm Mediterranean climate, although fortunately not in a time of famine.
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